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About our Madrassah

Our Masjid has been established as one of the oldest Islamic centres in the Oldham Borough, we have provided the Muslim Community with Islamic services since 1962. This is the first publication of its kind for Nusratul Islam Masjid.

Our achievement to date has only been through the Dua’s of the parents and the Grace of the Almighty. In the past few years our Maktab system has provided excellent Islamic education to our children, now evident in the superb exam results being achieved by our students.

Choosing the right Madrassah for your child

Every parent desires their child to be a great Human Being that will benefit society. The role which Maktabs play in moulding a child is critical. Maktabs have been the safeguarding the Eeman of our children for many generations. In an exceedingly dangerous society where our children are losing their faith Maktabs have become even more necessary.

We want to send our children to the best Schools, but what about their Islamic Education? Our Deen places a great emphasis on education as proven by the numerous Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Opening times

Shift 1Shift 2
4:30pm – 6pm6pm – 7:30pm

Student Fees

Standard FeesHifz Class
£5 p/w£7.50 p/w