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Madrassah Curriculum

Qur’an Recitation/Reading

Learning to recite the Quran correctly is obligatory for every Muslim. The good recitation skills instilled into a child during the early years play a huge role in the ability of the child to recite the Qur’an correctly for the rest of thier life.


A child in the primary stage of our Maktab will memorise 40 Ahadith in the Arabic languagewith the English translation.

Masnoon Duas (Prophetic Supplications)

Every aspect of our life should revolve around the example of the Greatest of Creations (PBUH). This is why, all children in our Maktab are taught Duas from the Sunnah.

Surahs (Memorisation)

Every child will memorise a significant portion of the Qur’an, namely Surahs from the 30th Juz (chapter) and other major Surahs such as Surah-Yasin etc.

Spiritual Devlopement

Islamic Knowledge is not the mere learning of words and the gathering of information, rather it is a special light which enters the heart and enables the heart to become a treasure of lofty morals. As well as being taught Aqeedah from a basic level, children are educated in Islamic History and the Prophetic Character in our assemblies which takes place on a regular basis. We also teach them how to perform Salaah and Wudhu (Ablution) both practically and theoretically. At Nusratul Islam, the teachers are fully aware of the importance of moral training and spiritual development and so the imparting of knowledge goes hand in hand with this important branch of Islam.

The Secondary Maktab is a new syllabus being introduced by Nusratul Islam Masjid which started in Ramadhan 2015. It is a unique syllabus which will create the future generation of young Muslims that will be a beacon of light for humanity Insha’Allah.

We teach our children how to read the Qur’an but is that enough? Most parents take their children out of Maktab because they’ve completed their Qur’an, however doing a Khatam is not as important as understanding the Qur’an. Children who complete Year 6 will move on to study the following topics:

Subject Description
Quran in Depth (Translation) Quran with English Translation cover to cover.
Arabic From the famous Madinah Arabic books.
Fiqh (Jurisprudence) Important Masail using classical Hanafi
Fiqh textbooks.
Taareekh (History) An in depth look into the lives of significant individuals in Islamic Histor. Including the Prophet (PBUH), his companions and our pious predecessors.
Ahadith 1000 Hadith over a five-year period.
Akhlaaq (Character) A-Z of Noble Character traits of the Prophet PBUH
Aqidah (Belief) Islamic beliefs taught to selected Years
With the Grace of the Almighty, we have been running our Hifz class with great results. Parents wishing to enrol their child into Hifz may do so. A small examination will take place to ensure a child is capable, i.e. he has a strong grasp of Tajweed.

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