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The Alimiyyah Programme comprises of three self-contained components that can combine towards a License in Islamic Scholarship (Shahada Al-‘Alimiyyah).

The programme of study is part-time and designed to be accommodating for those already enrolled in study programmes as well as working professionals.


The aim of this course is to equip the learner with the ability to read, write, speak and understand Arabic.


The aim of this component is to provide learners with a comprehensive knowledge base on Islamic sciences centred on classical Arabic texts.


This component aims to provide learners with in-depth, detailed and advanced scholarship of the Islamic intellectual tradition.

Qualified & Experienced Teachers

All our teachers are qualified and traditionally trained in Islamic seminaries with many years of experience in teaching.

5th year​

Alhamdulillah, our Alimiyyah Programme has been running for 4 years consistently and will be beginning its 5th year Insha'Allah.

High-Tech Student-Centred

Our student-centred teaching method takes in to account students' varying abilities. This is further strengthened through the usage of advanced technology.

English & Arabic

Our lessons are taught in the English medium, initially using books written in English. This is later substituted by Arabic texts allowing direct access to the rich intellectual Islamic heritage.

Flexible Hours

Our classes take place in the evenings, allowing a great opportunity to working professionals, college and university students.


The entire duration of the Alimiyyah Programme is eight years. However, they are made up of self-contained components, which can be taken exclusively.


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